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Seller Services

Seller Services


We know you, we advise you

A personalized and total service through the entire process

In our team, we have experts in real estate services that will provide you with all the support you need to maximize your sales opportunities.
We know the local Jerez de la Frontera Real Estate market and are familiarized with the best marketing strategies to point up your property to potencial buyers.
From accurate valuing your property to creating an affective sales strategy.
We will take care of every step of the process to ensure you to get the best price in the shortest possible time.


Adarve Aparicio is part of GICA (Real Estate Agents of the province of Cadiz) and FAI (National Real Estate Federation).
That is why we guarantee the diffusion in the largest network of real estate collaboration in the province of Cadiz and in more than 2,000 real estate agencies throughout Spain.
Its operation is based on a system called MLS (Multiple Listing Service) that cooperate with each other with a common exchange of properties.
It is a method of orderly work, in which in the same CRM manages to cross customers buyers and sellers, allowing MULTIPLY EXPONENTIALLY the possibilities of buying, selling or renting your home.
All this, with a single interlocutor the real estate Adarve Aparicio that represents you until the signing of the public deed.



Photo and Video Report

The professional photographer will make a previous evaluation of the house to be photographed, studying every single detail so that doesn’t escape the best of each room.
The first impression is the one that counts. In this way we guarantee that when we make a visit with a client, we know all details of the house avoiding useless visits.

Valuation of the property

We make a pre-evaluation with all the average values of the area where the property is located.
Setting the right price makes it possible to sell before the first 30 days.




Attract represents the first stage of marketing, because it is the one in which the attention of buyers is put on, we apply new marketing techniques in the sale of  your home that make it stand out from the others thar complete with yours.

Real estate portals

Adarve Aparicio has agreements with the best portals, where we will publish your property in more than 30 national and international portals and also in our exclusive portal VIVEKU, a portal only for real estate agents.



Contract management and signing

We advise you to organize and manage the singing of the contract of sale, contract of pledge money and the public deed, since the presentation of the purchase proposal to the singing at the notary you will always have an agent who will accompany you to the notary so you can be completely sured that everything is done in a transparent way and looking after your interests.

Energy efficiency certificate

It is a compulsory, to sell or rent a property according to Royal Decree 213/2013 of April 5. About the energy efficiency certificate, if you entrust us with the sale of your property, we will take care of all the paperwork and registration with the Junta de Andalucia, as well as the costs involved.




Home Staging

It is a technique that helps to prepare your home to bring out its best side.
This technique facility the sale in the shortest possible time and at the best market price.
It is not the same an unoccupied house than unoccupies one, or a flat than a house.
According to each case we advise the realization of different actions.
In Adarve Aparicio we manage that your house is sold in less than 30 days applying this technique.

After Sales Service

Our management of the sale doesn’t end with the signing of the deed at the notary, we help both the buyer and the seller to change the supplies and services that the house has.
We also take care of the management and presentation of the municipal taxes.













Surety and liability insurance.

The purpose of the former is to guarantee to the individual or legal entities that  have a commercial relationship with the real estate agent, the payment of the indemnity for the amounts, received by the agent in the exercise of his brokerage activity (as a deposit or reservation of a property), until they are made available to the addresses, as a consequence of impropered appropriation by the agent.

On the other hand, the purpose of the civil liability insurance is to guarantee the claims for damages or injuries derived from the civil liability that may be demanded, by the agent and his employees in the exercise of his activity, as a consequence of the damages caused involuntary to thirds.

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