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“Alone you will get there fast, together you will get further.”

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What is GICA?

The association of real estate managers in the province of Cadiz, GICA MLS Cadiz, is an association of real estate agents with more than 100 offices that work in a coordinated way with a common base of properties in the shared multi-exclusive. 



potential customers


exclusive properties

Benefits for the seller


When the owner of a property entrusts a real estate agency belonging to GICA with the management of the sale of his property, this is extended to all the associated real estate agencies. Simultaneously, all the agencies offer the property for sale, so its diffusion is multiplied exponentially through the formula of the shared multi-exclusive.


MLS System

Its operation is based on the system called MLS (Multiple Listing Service). It is a method of orderly and cooperative work, in which information of properties that have been captured in shared multi-exclusive is shared.
This procedure is carried out under a strict ethical code and with working procedures based on guarantee, transparency and efficiency.

Exponential success

The client receives at all times a personalized attention from his real estate manager, who is committed to share this property with more than 500 professionals in the province of Cadiz and with more than 2000 agencies throughout Spain, which exponentially multiplies the possibility of success.
In this way, there is a synergy between the personalized treatment by us in the sale of your property, at the same time that you benefit from a diffusion through the rest of the real estate agencies in the group.


+ Potential buyers for your property

+ More real estate agencies at your service and more diffusion

+ Warranties and shorter sales time

Buyer benefits


Forget about having to go from real estate agency looking for the properties that each one of them has for sale.


Easy, fast and convenient

You will be able to access the best selection of properties in a fast, comfortable and easy way. You only need to visit one real estate agency, because you will be able to find the properties of all the associated offices.


Warranties and security

The guarantee and security in GICA we take it seriously. We have liability and surety insurance, both our real estate and each of the members.


+ Reliability that prices are in line with the market

+ Increased real estate offer from a single location

+ Guarantees and security in the purchase process

Contact Us

Avenida Puerta del Sur7, local 2

Jerez de la Frontera 11408

phone : 956 140 514

mobile : 617 263 757

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